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June 11th, 2001 - [ The End ]   [ Forum ]

Hey everybody. I'm sad to announce you that TGT Online is closing its doors. Well at least there won't be anymore updates. I decided to close TGT Online because I had no time to upload all the music I wanted to, and because I didn't have any good places to upload to. Myplay is too slow and I don't have any public ftps. As you can see it, the download section is now really poor. The only reason for this is because Myplay closed most of our accounts due to too much traffic.

I talked to Steam about this and he told me he'd maybe take back TGT Online later this year. But he doesn't know when at this time. It can be in two weeks as it can be in 4 months, or it can be never at all.

Anyway, I had a great time here. I would thank everybody that supported me and also everyone who visited this website. Thank you very much.

Enjoy Trance,
Enjoy Life.

Mithrandir - (webmaster,

May 24th, 2001 - [ Album: Blank&Jones ]   [ Forum ]

Here it is, the newest album from Blank & Jones : Blank & Jones - Nightclubbing [2CD]. The 2 artists did a really good job on this album. Pumping and refreshing sounds garanteed :) Get it NOW, or you will regret it!
Another album is coming soon. 'til next time, trance hard!

May 21th, 2001 - [ Liveset: Armin ]   [ Forum ]

Armin van Buuren - Live at Club Eau - 06.01.2001 is up. If you don't have this liveset yet, just get it: it's perfect! :) Cya!

May 20th, 2001 - [ News: Poll Update ]   [ Forum ]

Here are the poll results:
Trance Nation 3 - 2 votes
In Search of Sunrise - 1 vote

Due to the lack of votes, we won't upload these albums. We didn't ask you much, sorry. I will try to implant an easier way to vote, but until then do not expect requests to be taken seriously. A new double-album is coming.

May 15th, 2001 - [ Liveset: Fuzion ]   [ Forum ]

Just to let you know that Steam uploaded DJ Fuzion - Live at - 11.12.2000. Not the most recent liveset but it's still good :) Worth a download.

May 13th, 2001 - [ Update: Sad News ]   [ Forum ]

I have a sad news. Myplay killed two of our major accounts. The result? All In Trance We Trust series and Magik series are dead. Steam did a post on the forum for this here. To sum it up, he will not reupload the albums, or will only some people ask him to do so. If you want this, reply to the message from the previous link.
On my side, school isn't finished yet. You know what this means :) Cya later guys!

May 4th, 2001 - [ Album: Magik IV ]   [ Forum ]

New update by Steam: DJ Tiesto - Magik IV (A New Adventure). The series is almost finished. The time has now come to decide what next series will be posted here. To do that, I started a poll in the forum. Just go there to vote! Here are the choices:
  1. In Search of Sunrise - mixed by DJ Tiesto
  2. Forbidden Paradise 09 - mixed by DJ Tiesto
  3. Trance Nation 3 - mixed by Ferry Corsten
  4. The Fisrt Summer - mixed by DJ Lars Holte

Go make your choice here!
Poll will end on Friday, May 11th 2001.

May 1st, 2001 - [ News: Apologize ]   [ Forum ]

Hey people! I'm just here to apologize for the lack of updates these days. We, Steam and I, were in a school rush so we didn't find the time to upload. But this time is now almost finished and you can expect a new update soon.
In other news, I changed a little bit the forum to let everybody post, no registration required. Use it to post comments or suggestions. A new voting feature will probably be added soon too. Until then, TRANCE HARD. See ya!

April 19th, 2001 - [ Albums: Moor ]   [ Forum ]

I uploaded the album Vincent de Moor - Moor [CD1]. de Moor shows us again his great talent with this album. Get it here! Enjoy and come back soon for other great stuff!

April 10th, 2001 - [ Albums: Magik III & ITWT EXTRA! ]

It took a little bit of time [to me, not to steam ;)] but here they are: DJ Tiesto - Magik III (Far From Earth) and In Trance We Trust XTRA [Nordic Edition]. Go download it in the Albums section! See ya later guys!

April 5th, 2001 - [ Affiliates: DJ Mixes 2K ]

The great website DJ Mixes 2K is back online. And it's into good hands: the webmasters from the ITWT board. Take a look at it! See ya!

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